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Are you in need of reliable, accessible transportation options? Our disability transportation services provide the support you need to get where you need to go with confidence and independence."


Help with Transportation for NDIS participants

​Transportation is an essential aspect of daily life for many individuals, including those who are participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Access to reliable and accessible transportation is crucial for NDIS participants to attend medical appointments, engage in social activities, and maintain their independence. However, navigating transportation options can be challenging for individuals with disabilities. This guide aims to provide assistance and information on transportation options available for NDIS participants.

A Support worker is helping a NDIS participant to get from one place to another

Public Transportation

Accessible buses and trains

  • Description of accessible features on buses and trains

  • How to plan a trip using accessible public transportation

  • Contact information for local public transportation authorities

Taxi services

  • Information on accessible taxi services

  • How to book an accessible taxi

  • Availability of subsidies or discounts for NDIS participants

Ride-sharing services

  • Overview of ride-sharing services and their accessibility features

  • How to request an accessible vehicle through ride-sharing apps

  • Considerations for using ride-sharing services for NDIS participants

NDIS-funded Transportation Services

Community transport

  • Explanation of community transport services and their eligibility criteria

  • How to access community transport services through the NDIS

  • Types of trips covered by community transport

Specialist disability transport providers

  • Overview of specialist disability transport providers

  • Services offered by specialist disability transport providers

  • How to access and book transportation services through specialist disability transport providers

Additional Resources and Support

  • Links to relevant websites and resources for further information on transportation options for NDIS participants

  • Contact details for NDIS support services that can provide assistance with transportation-related queries

  • Tips and advice for NDIS participants on advocating for their transportation needs


Transportation plays a vital role in the lives of NDIS participants, enabling them to access essential services and participate in community activities. By understanding the available transportation options and utilizing the support provided by the NDIS, participants can enhance their independence and quality of life. This guide aims to empower NDIS participants with the knowledge and resources to navigate transportation effectively.

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